Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Keeping it positive...

Even though I have not landed a job yet I am still staying positive by gathering ideas and materials for my classroom. I keep telling myself that I am a teacher and I will be working some where this fall. The job market is crazy this year. Principals are telling me that they are getting 200 plus applicants for teaching positions. In my book, just landing an interview is HUGE. Of course, I want more than huge, I want the excitement that goes along with the words...we would like to offer you the teaching position at xxxxx school. Teaching is my life long dream and I cannot wait to get started. It cannot get here soon enough. I know that I am a great teacher and I am ready to prove that. I am ready to make a difference and help shape the future generation. It is their world after all. :) Fingers and Toes crossed that those long anticipated words come sooner rather than later.

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